UT Dallas’ Institutional Compliance Program is intended to demonstrate in the clearest possible terms the commitment of UT Dallas to the highest standards of ethics and compliance with all applicable laws, policies and regulations. Annual and new-hire compliance training is a critical component of the program and provides basic information about laws, regulations, policies and procedures with which all employees must comply. In addition, the training provides references regarding who employees should contact and websites they should visit for more information on each subject presented. All employees must take compliance training. This includes full-time and part-time employees, student workers and research/teaching assistants. Employees are required to take compliance training:

  • when first hired (new hire training must be completed within 30 days of hire).
  • once a year (refresher/annual training).
  • with a change in job duties (only if new job duties/department warrants additional training).
  • when a change in the regulations has occurred.

Departmental managers should contact Institutional Compliance to assign additional compliance training modules. All new employees at UT Dallas are required to complete New Hire Compliance Training. By completing the training, new employees will gain an understanding of policies and procedures on campus and find out where to go if assistance is needed. Employees will be notified by the Office of Institutional Compliance when the training has been assigned to them and will be given a window of time to complete the training. State and UT System regulations require training to be completed within 30 days of hire. After their first year of hire, all employees are required to complete Annual Compliance Training. Annual training is assigned during the Spring semester and consists of refresher modules and reminders on important UT Dallas, UT System, state and federal regulations. The UT Dallas Compliance Advisory Committee makes recommendations on what training should be assigned for annual compliance training. Job-Specific Compliance Training is assigned upon hire (in addition to new employee compliance training modules) based on specialized job responsibilities and will also be assigned with annual compliance training unless otherwise requested by the department manager. For example, employees who have UT Dallas issued purchasing cards will be required to take additional training designed specifically for cardholders. The Office of Institutional Compliance collaborates with management from each of the administrative areas to determine the appropriate training requirements. New and returning student workers receive Student Employee Compliance Training every fall semester and upon hire after that. Student workers will be notified by Institutional Compliance to complete the training. This training is a condensed version of all the modules included in New Hire Compliance Training, it is required training and must be completed within 30 days of hire. Student workers will gain an understanding of policies and procedures on campus and find out where to go if assistance is needed. UT Dallas delivers compliance training online via eLearning. If you need in-person training, please let us know, we’ll be happy to set it up. Institutional Compliance will notify all employees via email when new hire or annual compliance training is required. To take the training:

  • go to eLearning.
  • log in with your NetID and password (most NetIDs are three letters followed by six numbers, such as abc123000).
  • choose Compliance Training from the My Organizations section (usually located under the Course List section).
  • complete all topics listed.

If you encounter problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.